Rhapsody Audiophile Recordings is an initiative of Harry van Dalen and Michael van Polen of Rhapsody in collaboration with recording engineer Frans de Rond.

For almost 30 years Rhapsody operates at the ultimate level of high-end residential audio reproduction systems. During that period, Harry and Michael were involved in many music recording projects. All these years, their strong confidence in analog sound has never faded, on the contrary: they always felt that some of the magic and realism of an analog recording gets almost always lost when the recording is done digitally. Furthermore, they believe that due to new technical developments and innovation the quality of analog sound has undeniably improved.

To realize their own analog recordings Harry and Michael asked recording engineer Frans de Rond to partake in this project. Frans has been a professional recording engineer for many years and is specialized in recording acoustic music etc. This made him the most sought after engineer for radio plays in the Netherlands. With the three of us we are able to create an almost visible sound field and an organic, natural sound.  As from today, together they are presenting their own direct-to-2track analog audiophile music recordings.