Wolfert Brederode & Joost Lijbaart

-Coming Soon-

Joost Wolfert

-Coming Soon-

Master tape order
: RAR-17-003T
* 100% analog
* live to 2 track
* Direct copy of the Master tape
* Highest quality Audioquest/Schnerzinger cables used to transfer directly from the original Master 

1x SM900 Tape on Metal Reels
Specs: 15IPS (38cm/sec) -EQ: IEC1 (CCIR) – 1/4inch -2 Track

1- Holographic
2- Slow Tom
3- Le Petit Chateau
4- 12 tones
5- Going Nativ

Sales price incl. VAT: €195,- (introduction price) Excl. shipping costs 

line up:

Wolfert Brederode : Piano
Joost Lijbaart : Drums