One year ago at a Spiritconnection concerts in a big church in Weesp (the Netherlands) we had an rehearsal with some musicians for a sound-experience, Atzko and Eddy played an improvisation together for fun, we immediately realized that these musicians could form a suitable duo so we asked them if it would be an idea to record them.

They were certainly in for that! After a number of rehearsals we were invited to listen to this duo if the music that they have practiced would be something we were looking for, but that turned out not really to be the case so we gave them some ideas as not only to perform improvisations but also to pay attention to the musicality and that the songs would matter, so that everyone would enjoy putting on this music.

The result is incredible, this duo has risen above themselves under the guidance of us to a top duo! 4 beautiful pieces is the result of 2 recording days. The beautiful melodies of Atzko takes you into an emotional experience of spring, summer, autumn and winter where eddy interprets the enormous thunderstorms in the summer with his beautiful percussion work.

For audiophiles it is also highly recommended not only because we spend a lot of attention to detail and with the use of the very best equipment, but sonically it worked out to be a very dynamic and musical recording. This recording will be released on Tape and Vinyl and perhaps later digitally.
Take a listen to this shortend sample:

      Autumn (short version)

-Atzko Kohashi & Eddy Koopman “Sketches of Seasons”-
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Recording date: june 22/23 2020