A few months ago we had an fantastic idea to try to capture one of our old high resolution recordings we did with “Turtle Records” (our former Label) to tape and LP on the highest possible way.
So we asked Bert van der Wolf (Edison Production Company BV) who has the Original high-res. masters in his posession to collaborate with us and aim for this geart project.

So we all came together and talked about the possibilities , so we planed a day to do this job and prepared our studio with amps of Soulution and Moon, TAD Compact Evolution loudspeakers and the tape machines with cables from SCHNERZINGER® GIGA-PULSE technology and Interfering field elimination, Audioquest Niagara Power conditioners. Bert tried to get the most sofisticated MERGING NADAC+PLAYER+POWER and CLOCK (world premier!)

We did some tests and finally recorded DEAN PEER album on to tape !
This recording comes from our high resolution masters (352kHz 32Bit)
The sound is incredible !!!

We were all impressed what we catch on to tape !
It is as if Dean is playing in front of us, the energy of the Bass the tabla etc. it’s unbelievable impressive!
Soon available on direct tape copy’s and LP
More info soon.

Some time ago Atzko was at our shop (Rhapsody) and was telling us about plans she had for a new trio and she came up with some suggestions of musicians, I asked her directly to record her on tape and Harry told her “why not choose Tony Overwater on Bass and Angelo Verploegen on trompet? ” She was directly in for the suggestion and she was thinking already to play sometime in the future with these great dutch jazz musicians.

Last thursday and friday 29,30th of march 2018 we recoded an studio and live recording of this great jazz trio on to analog tape.
What a great performance and fantastic songs that Atzko choose from the good old history of jazz and let’s not forget some beautiful songs of Atzko,Tony and Angelo that will make this recording a succes!

It was as always an exciting experience to create an almost ready product in the moment if you go live to 2 track!
And we dit it again! Try to catch the energy of the musical performance as real as possible direct on to tape is always a challenge but fun to do and great if is works out well !

These musicians have a lot of experience and giged worldwide with numerous musicians and this is the first time they played with each other and we are honored to have made this analog recording with them! We will create an master tape in the next couple of months,.
Atzko,Tony and Angelo will be touring for the next couple of years.

We made a special mastering for CD
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