Recorded Live at MCO Hilversum on Friday december 18 2015

In 2006 an unusual duo was formed: drummer Joost Lijbaart and pianist Wolfert Brederode. They worked together
previously with Swiss singer 
Susanne Abbuehl and in several ballet projects.

The performance of Joost and Wolfert is unbelievable ! It turned out to be one of the most great recordings we ever did! Their ability to combine their instruments and produce a sound as if it were ‘one’ instrument, turned out so well, they decided to start this duo. There is so much silence and beautiness in the songs that can transcend you directly to a materialless space.. We and the mucisions are amazed how well it stand’s out on tape. “Woww it sound’s so good… unbelievable”

Recorded Live at Rhapsody on Sunday July 26 2015

Despite a knee replacement Denise still decided to sing for us. Atzko started playing some nice melodic chords from the song ‘Day Break‘ Denice voice.. wows! so beautiful.. so intense.. The goose bumps start’s growing all over the place! These lady’s are music.. you can hear that they live it all the time, so much music, love and tears were falling that day,
it’s overwhelming. The funny thing about analogue tape is that after 30 minutes of performing the tape must be
replaced for a new one, so there were some funny moments to keep the musicians and audience awake:) The song ‘A
Time for Love
‘ resulting in tears for Denise, some deep feelings rice to the surface, where my niece (Chelsea) gave her a big hug to comfort her. Afterwords we played back the tape and we, Denise and Atzko were amazingly happy with the results!

Recorded Live at Rhapsody on Saturday July 25 2015

Atzko began improvising on Blue in Green‘ .. Sebastiaan start touching the snare and ride very soft and creating a nice ambience of mystical sounds, every fine detail and dynamic is visible on tape filled with organic energy. Atzko’s harmonic way of piano playing brings a smile on your face and what a musical woman she is.. She paints her way trough the music while Sebastiaan makes it all visible.