Joost Lijbaart & Wolfert Brederode

Recorded Live at MCO Hilversum on Friday december 18 2015

In 2006 an unusual duo was formed: drummer Joost Lijbaart and pianist Wolfert Brederode. They worked together
previously with Swiss singer 
Susanne Abbuehl and in several ballet projects.

The performance of Joost and Wolfert is unbelievable ! It turned out to be one of the most great recordings we ever did! Their ability to combine their instruments and produce a sound as if it were ‘one’ instrument, turned out so well, they decided to start this duo. There is so much silence and beautiness in the songs that can transcend you directly to a materialless space.. We and the mucisions are amazed how well it stand’s out on tape. “Woww it sound’s so good… unbelievable”

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