Rambags, Lijbaart & Stadhouders

Recorded Live at MCO Hilversum on Saturday december 19 2015

Sanne Rambags (vocals), Bram Stadhouders (guitar) and Joost Lijbaart (drums), The young singer Sanne Rambags is central to this adventurous trio. Two big names form a beautiful trio together with the fragile voice of Sanne, where openness and tranquility play an important role.

The first notes of Bram.. we were equally caught up in the adventure ! “The Pat Metheny-like” sound that Bram can create was an instant recognition for many, but Sanne .. .. so pure, so crystal clear, so catchy, the tears rolled off the cheeks .. we were deepley touched ! Joost percusieve guidance gave such a beautiful experience that a movie appeared   in front of you .. We are so happy we recored this trio on tape, the liveness is still there! Everyone was naturally very curious about the result so we have played a number of tracks and mouths fell open !! We are very proud that we can do these kind of recordings and that you believe in us that gives us the drive to do even more! Fresh ideas, knowledge and especially fun makes it all more than worth!
The concert was once again very successful !!


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